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This New Thermal Scope Lets Snipers See Bullets Without Tracers

Teledyne FLIR, a defense contractor, has unveiled a groundbreaking thermal sniper scope known as the ThermoSight HISS-HD. This innovative device is capable enough to detect the trajectory of bullets that have already been fired from the sniper’s rifle at distance of up to 2,200 meters (1.3 miles), even in broad daylight. This was revealed at the SHOT show in Las Vegas, where the ThermoSight HISS-HD offered snipers and machine gunners the ability to engage targets covertly over large distances / ranges.

Modern sniping is demanding of more than just sharpshooting skills; it require advanced techniques and equipment to further enhance and boost its accuracy and effectiveness. Snipers now rely on specialized rifles, ammunition and specially some advance level optics that are integrated with computer processors to calculate various factors such as windage, air pressure and bullet trajectory.

Traditionally, snipers have used tracer rounds to gauge shot placement, especially in low-light conditions. However, this method risks exposing their position to enemies. The ThermoSight HISS-HD eliminates this risk by providing real-time thermal imaging of bullet trajectories, akin to tracer rounds, even in broad daylight.

This is achieved through an imaging sensor equipped with a cryocooler, reducing thermal noise and improving resolution. The result is the ability for snipers to directly observe the thermal signature of bullets in flight, offering unprecedented accuracy.

Weighing 4.6 pounds (2.1 kilograms), the HISS-HD is designed to be easily mounted on standard MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail mounts and can be paired with various scopes and weapon systems. It is waterproof, features auto-focusing capabilities, and includes a remote control pendant for added convenience. Additionally, it can be configured for remote observation with video recording capabilities.

The scope is not limited to snipers alone but also caters to machine gunners and soldiers engaged in reconnaissance, force protection, surveillance, and forward observation missions. According to Rob Tarantino, Vice President of Surveillance Strategy and Development at Teledyne FLIR Defense, the ThermoSight HISS-HD offers unparalleled versatility and precision to marksmen, enhancing their range and accuracy in any environment.

Teledyne FLIR’s ThermoSight HISS-HD represents a significant advancement in sniper technology by providing military and law enforcement personnel with a far superior tool for target acquisition and engagement. Specially by offering real-time thermal imaging of bullet trajectories, it enhances operational effectiveness while minimizing the risk of detection. This innovation clearly highlights the ongoing evolution of sniping technology, ensuring that professionals in the field remain equipped with the most advanced capabilities available.

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