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This New Supersonic Passenger Airplane Is Twice As Fast As Concorde

Need for speed is something that all human beings crave for and it is this craving which keeps engineers on their toes while they work to come up with faster and faster vehicles. This need for speed is quite apparent in all fields. Concorde currently holds the title of world’s fastest passenger plane. However, another jet which boasts of completing London-Sydney trip in 3.5 hours is up for the position.

This jet’s plans have been shown and it has been named Hypermach SonicStar. It is supposedly going to be a business jet with a top speed that is twice the speed of Concorde. The top speed which Hypermach SonicStart will be flying at is 2,664 mph. The ceiling height will be 62,000 ft, which will allow the passengers to observe the curvature of Earth.

Richard Lugg, Chief Executive Hypermach, has already signed contracts for the funding of this new airplane with Department of Trade and Industry, which will be supporting company in United Kingdom. Richard is all set to have this plane up in the sky within a time period of ten years. Specs that have been released are quite fascinating, the Sonicstar will have a maximum cruise speed of Mach 3.6, a long range cruise speed of Mach 3.1 while a high-speed cruise will be Mach 3.4. It will come equipped with two SonicBlue S-MAGJET Hybrid Supersonic 4000 series engines and the plane boasts a range of 6,000 nautical miles. Its cabin will measure 64 meters in length and will have a maximum height of 2.6 meters and a maximum width of 2.7 meters.

Richard said: ‘We have access to revolutionary engine technology and a unique very high speed aircraft design to make this kind of earth-shatteringly fast air travel possible. And we have a date. Our plan is to build and fly the world’s first very high speed supersonic hybrid aircraft by June 2021.’ If all goes well, we shall be seeing a 75 percent reduction in trip time for New York –Sydney which currently takes about 20 hours.

The SonicStar will be fuel efficient as well and will also cater for the environmental challenges that are being posed when we talk about supersonic flight. Hypermach states that due to the electromagnetic currents that are present around the fuselage, the sonic boom will be suppressed and noise will be reduced to a level that is acceptable.

A spokesman said: ‘The engine is a true hybrid. It generates massive electrical power on board using proprietary integrated turbine electromagnetic generation technology to segment each engine rotating component stage electrically. Every stage from bypass fans to compressor to turbine rotates independently of the other.’

So, are you all ready to travel at supersonic speeds or what?