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This New Smartwatch Maintains Your Health And Can Detect If You Are Having A Heart Attack

CES 2020 has proved to be the hub of what all we were expecting from the future. Gadgets, from nearly all technological domains, have been in the spotlight during the show. From electric cars to robots delivering packages at your doorsteps, flying car designs or skin printers, everything that human minds could not reach up to till a decade ago, was now being operated with our very own hands. Within all the dream projects displayed in the house, an amazing one capturing the interest of many was a step ahead to smart-watches, ‘Withings ScanWatch’.

Withings ScanWatch – A doctor in your hands

Whether you’re too busy to mark your attendance at the family doctor, or you’re low on cash to get the regular tests done, either way, this is the thing you need to gift yourself at your birthday. Worry not, it is clinically validated to diagnose any signs of sleep apnea or arrhythmia, and they won’t even keep you much waiting before getting an official CE approval in Europe and FDA clearance in the USA.

Not enough? Well, it has an incorporated multi-wavelength PPG heart sensor as well. You can monitor your heart rate 24/7, a little sad for your food cravings though! So, whenever you’re getting low on oxygen during your sleep, that’s what apnea is all about, the watch detects it with a SpO2 sensor embedded within. Three electrodes are used to provide you with an electrocardiogram and signals any abnormal heart activity in no time. Convincing you more on why you must buy it, it is also equipped with VO2 max, giving you the necessary fitness level assessments while you’re in the gym!

A hybrid watch that keeps you medically fit

Not talking of the alien language anymore, it is waterproof, and a charged battery has a lifetime of 30 days. No doctor visits for a month! It has a PMOLED screen displaying the healthcare notifications, at the top of its dial. As per the human interaction is concerned, it easily gets paired up with an android device via the Health Mate app. It also offers compatibility with iOS 12 or newer. The arresting design is made of 316L stainless steel and has a sapphire glass watch face.

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Wondering to start your savings today? Assisting you in that, the 38mm variant would cost you around $249.95 while the other model (48mm) shall be sold at $299.95. You need to start your countdown, as the availability of your customized doctor shall soon be revealed provided that it gets the required approvals on time!

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