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This New Platform Allows You To Gossip Anonymously With Your Co-Workers About Your Company

Glassdoor, the renowned platform for employee reviews and job insights, has recently unveiled its latest feature called “Company Bowls.” Representing a virtual water cooler, this innovative addition to the Glassdoor ecosystem allows employees to engage in informal and anonymous discussions with their colleagues about work-related matters.

As part of Glassdoor’s comprehensive rebranding strategy, Company Bowls aim to provide a safe space for employees to express their thoughts, share experiences, and seek advice without the fear of potential repercussions.

Through these forums, individuals can choose the level of anonymity they desire before posting their queries or opinions. They have the option to use their real names, job titles, or remain completely anonymous while disclosing only the name of their employer.

While employees can maintain anonymity within the bowls, Glassdoor requires them to provide their full names and work email addresses to access the platform, ensuring accountability and a degree of authenticity.

One significant advantage of the Company Bowls is their potential to offer real-time insights to company executives regarding the sentiments and concerns of their workforce, without the need for conventional survey methods. This instant access to employee feedback can help management gauge the overall employee morale, identify potential issues, and proactively address challenges.

To cater to the diverse needs of users, Glassdoor has tailored the bowls to specific industries, including law, healthcare, and technology. Additionally, they have established interest groups, such as those representing underrepresented communities like women and people of color, working parents, and remote workers.

This inclusive approach ensures that employees can connect with others who share similar experiences and challenges, fostering a sense of community and support within the workforce.

A recent survey conducted by Glassdoor in partnership with The Harris Poll revealed that 68% of employed US adults expressed a desire to ask anonymous questions to their employers and colleagues. Company Bowls address this need, empowering employees to seek advice, share concerns, and exchange valuable insights without any fear of judgment or consequences.

While Glassdoor’s Company Bowls bring a fresh perspective to workplace communication, they also introduce competition in the form of Blind, an anonymous forum founded in 2013. Blind has gained popularity as an “anti-LinkedIn” platform, where employees can discuss serious issues like layoffs, salaries, and workplace conditions candidly.

Blind’s substantial user base, comprising over 7 million “verified professionals” from more than 300,000 companies, highlights the demand for such anonymous communication channels in today’s professional landscape.

In a similar vein to Glassdoor’s acquisition of Fishbowl in 2021, Company Bowls aim to create a dynamic and supportive online community for employees, encouraging open dialogues and meaningful exchanges.

The gradual rollout of these bowls across the Glassdoor website and app promises to provide employees with an invaluable resource for connecting, learning, and growing within their professional environments.

Glassdoor CEO, Christian Sutherland-Wong, revealed that new bowls will be automatically generated for companies once a certain number of employees join the platform, further enhancing the accessibility and reach of this novel feature.

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