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This New Pants Will Last You A 100 Years

Would you be willing to pay $645 for a pair of pants? No, they have not been created by some famous fashion brand. What’s the catch? The said pair of pants will last you for 100 years! Yes, you heard that right; 100 years. This is the promise being made by adventure clothing brand Vollebak that claims that its ‘100 Year Pants’ will last the owner a century at the very least.

Steve Tidball, cofounder Vollebak, says that the company will stand behind the 100-year warranty because the new pants have been crafted from materials that are tough enough to survive the fire. In fact, the company claims that you will be able to walk through the fire while wearing the 100 Year Pants and no harm will come to them.

100 Year Pants have been created using an innovative three-layer design that has been conceived so that it is able to survive various situations. The exterior layer is hydrophobic and has been designed to be able to withstand abrasions. The second layer or the middle layer is fireproof and expands at higher temperatures like an airbag thus becoming a barrier between your legs and the fire. The third or the innermost layer is created from aramid fiber, a nylon-related synthetic, and doesn’t melt or burn thus imparts extra protection to the user.

Nick Tidball, cofounder Vollebak, said, ‘Most fire-resistant clothing is made from heavy, uncomfortable, chemical-laden materials, but this is the world’s first intelligent material that can be comfortably worn every day, then alter its behavior in the face of fire. It was originally designed to help soldiers handle the most extreme situations, but without having to dress like firefighters.’

Despite all that, 100 years do sound like quite a long amount of time for a pair of pants to survive. Especially if you are planning on wearing them frequently, right? How can we be certain that the 100 Year Pants will actually survive for that long? Vollebak had the 100 Year Pants go through the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test. The test involves using a mechanical thumb to rub against the fabric until the fibers begin to unravel. A regular polyester fabric generally lasts 25,000 revolutions, the 100 Year Pants survived 100,000 cycles and even then it was checked with a magnifying glass to ascertain if any of the fibers had broken. According to Vollebak, they had not.

The 100 Year Pants are not only durable but also quite comfortable. They are capable of stretching with your body thus rendering them as the perfect fit for various kinds of activities. The $645 price tag is a lot, but when you look at it; it’s only $6.45 per year!

Do let us know what you think of this 100-year clothing item and if it is worth buying!