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This New Luxury Yacht With Giant Wings Can Glide Above Sea – And It Costs £70 million

Released by the Italian design firm Lazzarini Design Studios, an insane £70 million “flying” yacht that has massive wings so it can glide has been unveiled. Named the Plectrum, this spectacular 242ft yacht uses a foil system to rise above the waves and zip along at up to 75 knots.

Built out of dry carbon fibers that make it extra light, the Plectrum uses a foil system so it can rise above the waves and glide along the water. The yacht would be able to lift above the water surface thanks to three hydrogen-powered motors capable of 5000hp each.

The flexible design results in a different super yacht configuration which will allow much faster sea traveling than conventional similar size ships’, Lazzarini explained.

The vessel is subdivided into four levels and the main body offers six guest cabins and a shipowner suite. It features a helicopter hangar, a central garage for two tenders, a rear garage for water toys, and a supercar. Lazzarini explained: “The Plectrum is a concept that can be built on request with an 80 million Euro budget.”

The foil system can be adjusted depending on the cruising needs and can change the width from 49ft (15m) of the beam, with closed foil when the yacht is berthed, up to 65ft (20m) of the beam while the yacht is sailing on high speed. It has six guest cabins along with a shipowner suite, a swimming pool, and a helipad. It also includes a helicopter hangar, a central garage that can fit two tenders, a rear garage for water toys, and a supercar.

But at the moment, the yacht remains a concept boat with no set release date to be on the market.

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