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This New French Car Can Conquer Any Terrain With Ease Using Its Unique Design

Swincar, a French company, unveiled its Spider Electric 2 off-road vehicle at The Salon des Inventions’. It is an annual exhibition for inventors to show off their inventions at in Geneva in April, however, the car has managed to gain quite an attention now after a video of it went viral.

The company has described the car as ‘mechanical spider on wheels’. It makes use of independent suspension (wheels that are completely independent of one another) along with huge control arms that allow the car to achieve very high levels of wheel articulation. This implies that all of the four wheels are capable of staying in contact with the ground despite the kind of terrain that the car is traversing. The axles are even capable of crossing over each other.

In the middle of this peculiar setups is the lithium-ion battery pack along with the controls and driver’s seat. The battery pack imparts power to each individual electric motors located at each wheel. Swincar claims that the Spider Electric 2 is capable of driving for a total of four hours on a single battery charge. The company also offers the options of four-wheel steering or two-wheel steering.

Coupled with the lightweight aluminum construction and feline suspension, the Spider stands in quite a sharp contrast with the four-wheeled off-road vehicles. However, it does lack the clearance of these vehicles and is therefore not able to climb steepest rocks without getting its underbelly scratched.

As per company, Spider has been in development for a total of 7 years and the company is now looking for dealers and investors to sell the car. The company is also busy developing a Spider for disabled drivers that can control the car via joystick instead of pedals and a wheel.