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This New Electric Bus Has A Battery Pack 3 Times Bigger Than The Hummer EV

Proterra Introduces Battery Packs For ZX5 Buses

Proterra has revealed that the maximum battery capacity in its Proterra ZX5 electric buses would be expanded to increase the operating range even more.

The 40-foot Proterra ZX5 Max transit bus model will get a 738 kWh battery option starting in 2023, according to the company, which will be the highest value in its sector in the North American market.

The driving range is expected to be greater than 300 miles (483 kilometres), but this varies based on route parameters, design, and operation.

Previously, the ZX5 Max was available with a 675 kWh battery and a driving range of up to 221-329 miles (356-529 km); therefore, the increase of 63 kWh or 9.3 percent is notable.

Not only has the top battery configuration been improved, but so has the bottom battery configuration. The middle battery size (available for 35-foot and ZX5 40-foot buses) has also been increased from 450 kWh to 492 kWh, representing a 42 kWh or 9.3 percent increase. The previous 450 kWh battery variant has a range of 172-240 miles (277-386 km).

Proterra is not unfamiliar with steady increases in battery capacity. Since around 2016, the company has sold a 660 kWh pack, which was later increased to 675 kWh and is presently 738 kWh.

“With more energy onboard combined with Proterra’s refined composite bus body design, the Proterra ZX5 is designed for optimal performance to tackle the toughest transit routes and extreme weather conditions, including cold weather climates.”

Proterra also has an electric vehicle EV solution directly tied to batteries. The cylindrical LG Energy Solution battery cells are used in the battery packs made in-house.

The previous generation of Proterra batteries used 1865-type cylindrical cells, but the current battery utilises 2170-type cylindrical cells (the same as some Tesla Model 3/Model Y and Rivian vehicles), according to sources.

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