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This New Car Modification In China Makes Cars Look Super Cool At Night


Every now and then we find replicas of things used in TV shows and movies out in the market. How many of you had that Knight Rider strip incorporated in your car? Get our point?
TRON and China Well, the Chinese have come up with another replica from movie TRON and this involves enhancing the look of their supercars! The trimmings which are reflective in nature have been derived from TRON and a number of sightings of these cars have been reported online despite the fact that the Chinese police has stated they will not allow this trend.

A Chinese car decorator, Zeng Chaoyi, tells that this trend is becomign popular among a lot of young drivers apparently because of the futuristic look that it imparts to their rides. So far what we know is this; the decoration is made of 3M reflective vinyl tape. These accents are applied on the whole car, and by whole car we mean that even the wheels are included in it.

The cars which have been spotted with this modification include Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, Nissan GT-R among many other supercars. These modified cars have been spotted at Shenzhen City in Guangdong province. Some reports of such cars have also sprung up from Chongqing city too.

As expected, the Chinese police aren’t too excited about this modification and have termed this modification illegal. The reason being the fact that this mod may very well distract other drivers and/or pedestrians and could become a reason for an accident. Traffic Police Officer Luo Kesheng said; ‘It’s strictly prohibited as it brings dangers on the road.’

Well, the Inspector sure does has a point but we can’t really make the young drivers stop especially when they do own supercars which are a no match for the police squad cars!

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