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This New App Tells You How You Will Look When You Lose Weight

How will You Look When You Lose Weight – Visualize You 2

Losing weight and remaining committed to the cause is not an easy task at all. Those who are on this road will agree that any sort of motivation is welcomed and valued. What if we told you there’s an app that can show you your slimmer version and thus give you that motivation you need to hit the gym?

‘Visualize You’ is an app which has been designed to inspire you to achieve that weight loss goal. It costs $2.40 on Android and $1.99 on iOS for full version. It has been developed by Visual Health Solutions Inc. in collaboration with a number of major American hospitals. According to the team, the app uses algorithms that allow it to depict weight loss effects far more effectively when compared with other apps.

Wellness Institute of the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Colorado Anschutz Health, Wellness Centre and UniteHealthcare were involved with the development of the app. Dr. Charlie Seltzer, weight loss specialist, said, “Visual cues are very helpful for a lot of people. I will often recommend that people put up pictures of what they want to look like or what they used to look like, provided the body image is healthy. l would hate for someone to put [their photo] in and see themselves not the way they are going to look, and get discouraged and disgruntled that they’re not changing how they’re supposed to. But my first thought upon hearing about this app, was: ‘It sounds like a really good idea.’”

Dr. Michael Roizen, Chairman of Wellness at the Cleveland Clinic, said, “Visualize You is a major step forward in helping people approach weight loss in a more informed, educated and fun manner.”

Visualize You has been released this month and offers both paid and free versions.