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This Mesmerizing Video Shows Chemical Elements Burn and Transform Into Incredibly Beautiful Compounds

Remember that video of the most active metal coming in contact with water? As it happens, the other elements included in the periodic table are not stranger to showing strange behaviour as they combust.

In fact, this mesmerising video captured the weird, wild, and unique compounds formed by the combustion of various elements will motivate you to set the whole periodic table alight. You can watch the video below:


Elemental Burning by Yan Liang filmed the amazing transformation of sulphur, carbon, magnesium, sodium, and phosphorus.



The most unusual behaviour was depicted by sodium that went from the silverish white metal to powdered white sodium oxide, changing into a hot metallic goo that is the molten sodium metal. It subsequently turned into a purplish heap before bursting into flames and ending up as a gnarly mess of sodium peroxide.

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