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This Machine Can Make 825 Gallons Of Water Per Day Out Of Thin Air

Up till now mankind has been largely dependent on the water cycle taking its natural course to supplement the earth. But an Israeli company, Water-Gen has other ideas. They have built a very simple yet efficient machine that can create and harvest condensation and water vapours in the air and turn it into drinking water. The machine uses a set of plastic “leaves” to funnel air in various directions, and then the water passes through water generators that create pure drinking water out thin air.

Pic Credits: cnn

Founder and co-CEO Arye Kohavi of WaterGen said in an interview,

“The target is to extract water from the air with minimum energy. We think our solution can solve the problem on the level of countries. It’s an immediate solution — governments don’t need to spend decades to make a big project.”

The company will present its design in UN assembly’s next session. The machine comes in three sizes, and all of them require to be plugged into a power source.

The maximum water it can yield is about 825 gallons per day at 80 degrees and 60% humidity. The company’s medium-sized unit is able to produce 118 gallons per day and in the same conditions, the smallest can produce just under 4 gallons per day, which is perfect for a household or an office.

Pic Credits: cnn

At current energy prices, the will cost less than ten cents a gallon, so it is a dream come true for water stressed areas that are warm and humid. As long as temperatures are high enough, the machine will generate water regardless of humidity levels.

This product has been making headlines in places like Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, which can make the best out of these conditions and create cheap water for their populace.

Pic Credits: cnn

The company is currently testing its products in cities like Mumbai, Shanghai and Mexico City, as well as in other far fetched areas. It hopes that they can commercialise their products by the end of next year.

The product was first launched to be used for military purposes, but now it has been entirely focused on commercial markets. And considering the climate problems and lack of clean water across the globe, this product certainly will have a say in making our future more sustainable.

Pic Credits: cnn

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