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This Luxury Train By A Ferrari Designer Will Be Launched In Japan By 2017

Cruise Train is slated to launch in spring 2017 in Japan. It has been produced by Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama along with JR East railways and its projections are based on the 7-star Nanatsuboshi in Japan.

The Cruise Train will sport observation cars that will come with glass walls, sleek design and deluxe suits. The train will be able to carry 34 passengers and shall come with 10 carriages. Each carriage will contain dual observational areas so that passengers are able to enjoy the landscape that the train is cruising through. Apart from being able to look outside from the window located at the front of train, the passengers will be enjoying the sofa-like seating that is reportedly going to be highly comfortable.

Cruise Train will be equipped with a double story deluxe suite car that will feature 2 beds on the lower floor along with a private bathroom and there is a lounge area on the top floor. The train will also have with 5 guest sleeper carriages.

The train will come with an EDC system that will allow it to cruise along non-electric and electric rails alike. Its price for a ride has not been revealed, however, designer Okuyama said that this train ‘let’s passengers enjoy the flow of time and space.’ The cost of the project is known and comes out to be £30m. Check out the youtube video below for more details: