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This Little Gadget Provides You First Class Facilities In An Economy Airline Seat

Airhook Shall Allow You To Enjoy More Space In Economical Class Fight 2

Economy class flights offer limited space once you have the tray table drawn. Meet Craig Rabin, who has come up with a device that allows passengers to keep the tray table stowed for most of the flight time. The gadget is known as Airhook and gets affixed to the stowed table while being able to house an electric device along with a drink and your coat.

The main idea behind the gadget is simple; an anchor gets hooked over the top of an upright tray table and eventually holds itself in place. A slot can be used for placing the electronic device and an adjustable bungee gets attached to the top of larger tablets in order to ensure that they are secured properly.

Tablets or smartphones that are about 203m tall and about 20mm thick can be used with Airhook and users also have the option of adjusting the angle of the gadget that they are using before tightening it in place via knob on the side. A hook has also been incorporated to allow for hanging coats or headphones and a drink holder is available in the device as well.

This allows the user to enjoy more space and also makes it much easier for them to stand up and move around. According to Rabin, the device also allows for better viewing angles for the users when they are watching something on the device. Airhook can be pre-ordered for $22 and deliveries are slated for December 2015.

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