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This Jet Powered Flying Motorcycle Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Jetpack Aviation Is Accepting Pre-Order For The Speeder!

Jetpack Aviation has announced that it is accepting pre-orders on the Speeder. The Speeder is a self-stabilizing, jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle that can travel at a speed of 150 mph, offers a 20-minute endurance and can manage 15,000 ft altitudes.

The Speeder has been built by utilizing the Jetpack Aviation’s jet turbine experience that has been developed over the course of years that it has spent working on the JB-series jetpacks. The Speeder relies on a cluster of four turbojet engines that can deliver a thrust of 705lbf. This thrust is enough to lift the airframe weighing two hundred and thirty-one pounds and a pilot of up to two hundred forty pounds.

They are attached to a fly-by-wire control that enables the Speeder to self-stabilize in the air similar to a quadcopter drone. The contraption runs on kerosene, jetA or diesel, you are able to enjoy about 10-22 minutes in the air depending upon the weight of the pilot and the density altitude. The Speeder features hand controls as well including a 12-inch touch screen intended for navigation and a built-in two-way aviation radio system that can be used for air-to-air and air-to-ground communications.

Jetpack Aviation has stated that it will be building a different version of the Speeder to address the ultralight and recreational categories that exist according to the FAA law. What does that mean? It means that you will be able to fly the ultralight version without the need of a license. The experimental category version, however, will require a full pilot’s license. The good news is that Jetpack Aviation is in contact with the FAA in hopes of getting it reduced to a Recreational Pilot Certificate or Sport Pilot’s License for making it easier for the users to fly this version.

The Speeder will cost $380,000 and will be able to self-stabilize even if one of its jets go down. David Mayman and Nelson Tyler are behind this contraption as is the Y Combinator program. The company has plans to build only 20 units so far. You can reserve one for yourself by putting up $10,000. After that, all of the production will be dedicated to the government and military use. The military version will be different and shall feature an addition jet turbine. What do you think of this amazing contraption?