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This Japanese Start-Up Is Launching Limited Edition Hoverbikes

Japanese Start-Up Launches Limited Edition Hoverbike, Order Books Open

Would you rather pay six figures for a flying motorcycle than a high-end supercar? It’s a bet that at least one Japanese company makes.

A.L.I. Technologies have just unveiled a new full-fledged hoverbike to persuade drivers to ditch their expensive four-wheelers in favor of the latest “icon of air mobility.” The XTurismo, a limited edition, went on sale earlier this week.

The company used the vehicle to announce the slick-looking XTurismo Limited Edition hoverbike release, now available for pre-order with deliveries expected in 2022.

From October 9 to October 26, a static display in the Daikanyama Tsutaya store in Tokyo was set up to show the vehicle before an official launch ceremony at the Fuji Speedway track.

The hoverbike is painted black and red and measures 3.7 x 2.4 x 1.5 meters (12.1 x 7.8 x 4.9 ft). Despite being significantly larger and heavier than a standard motorcycle—660 pounds to be exact—it has a similar appearance, save for the massive propellers and landing skids.

“Until now, the choice has been to move on the ground or at scale in the sky,” ALI Technologies chief executive Daisuke Katano said.

“We hope to offer a new method of movement.”

A traditional internal combustion engine and four battery-powered motors make up the hybrid powertrain’s output. The XTurismo can travel at speeds of up to 62 mph for up to 40 minutes. The hoverbike can also carry up to 220 pounds, which is plenty for one rider.

A.L.I. Technologies performed a short test flight in the foothills of Mount Fuji; the bike can be seen hovering. The following is a link to the video:

We’ve already seen hoverbikes from companies like Malloy Aeronautics, Kalashnikov, Hoversurf, and Colin Furze perform; however, the XTurismo is one of the most well-designed models yet. According to the company, the XTurismo is expected to be adopted in a variety of fields, which is backed by soccer star Keisuke Honda and industry behemoths Mitsubishi Electric and Kyocera. It may also aid in the reduction of traffic congestion in Tokyo. However, hoverbikes are currently prohibited from flying over Japan’s congested highways, so this would necessitate a change in legislation.

The Xturismo Limited Edition is priced at 77.7 million yen (US$680,000). It’s unclear whether the hoverbike will be available anywhere other than Japan. As a result of Japanese regulations, buyers will currently be limited to flying on the same track as the demo flight. However, change is in the air since ALI Tech recently partnered with Yamanashi Prefecture to advance air mobility.

Product page: Xturismo Limited Edition

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