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This Japanese Soap Dispenser Pushes Out Foam Shaped Like A Perfect Rose

japanese soap rose

Credits: Mashable

The Japanese are known for their amusing and inspiring innovations.

This time it is a humble-looking soap dispenser that pushes out foam in the form of a perfect rose as you press it. This product is designed by the company Kanebo – a Japanese cosmetics giant and hasn’t been released in the market yet – it will hit the shelves on September 1st. This amusing soap dispenser was first announced in July and became popular when a video of a customer using her dispenser went viral online.

Have a look yourself!

It is the kind of video you want to keep watching again and again. You can see as the foam turn into petals slowly and then it blossoms into a perfect rose instantly!

It is serene and strangely addictive to watch. Here, also watch Kanebo’s advertisement of the soap dispenser and you can see a bunch of girls going all giggly over the dispenser’s perfection:

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