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This Japanese Hotel Charges $1 Per Night But With A Catch

Business Ryokan Asahi Charges $1 Per Night But With A Catch

Managing to get a hotel room for $1 per night can be considered a mighty bargain, right? But it becomes even more impactful if this is happening in a country such as Japan. However, this huge discount comes with a catch, and the catch is quite a big one

Getting a hotel room for $1 a night can be considered a bargain pretty much anywhere in the world, and especially so in a country like Japan. But getting a huge discount comes with a catch, and it’s a big one. The said offer is available Business Ryokan Asahi!

Tourists that are visiting the Japanese city of Fukuoka on a budget can easily enjoy this amazing deal at Business Ryokan Asahi. Business Ryokan Asahi is a welcoming inn that is situated at almost a fifteen-minute walk from the shopping and entertainment area of the city. For about $1.20 (130 yen), you can book a room at this inn as long as you have no qualms with giving up your privacy. In order to take advantage of this generous offer, you will have to agree to allow the hotel to live-stream your complete stay on its YouTube channel.

This strange deal at Business Ryokan Asahi is available each day, even including the weekends and holidays, and everyone is eligible for it. This includes influencers and vloggers and other tourists or even the everyday people just looking for a place to spend the night at the cheapest possible rate. It is not as bad as it sounds, though. The camera does the complete room leaving no place for the occupant to hide; it doesn’t feature a microphone.

Recently guys at SoraNews24 booked a night’s stay in Business Ryokan Asahi at this video-monitored room. It was then that they found out the reason behind this bizarre deal. As it happens, the room no. 8 was the least booked room in the hotel. This led the management to come up with a unique deal to convince people to stay in room number 8!

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