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This Japanese Guy Makes Incredible Structures By Stacking Coins

There are so many ways a person can express his artistic side, painting, writing, poetry, singing, etc. But this probably is one of the most peculiar, creative and definitely the most painstaking methods I have seen for a while!

I, for one, can’t even catch a coin when tossed up in the air. And then there are people like this Japanese guy, who have so much talent and skill that they can create entire sculptures and miniature skyscrapers using the art of coin stacking.

The man goes by the twitter name of @thumb_tani (aka Tanu), and he has become a bit of a sensation by creating gravity-defying unbelievable coin creations. Many of them actually look like some doctored photos or camera tricks, but as Tanu demonstrates in his video below, the coins are completely real, and there is no gimmick involved. 

Pictures via: Twitter (h/t: mymodernmet)


Watch how he does it in the video below:

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