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This Is Why You Should Stay Away From Portable AC Units

Summer is here, and Mother Nature is not sparing us from any heat this year. Northern Hemisphere is experiencing rising temperatures, and everyone is scrambling for means to stay cool. That is where portable AC units come in, but the featured video by Technology Connections will help you learn why you should stay away from these portable AC units.

So, as the mercury rises, people opt for different approaches to keep themselves cool. This includes spending long days at the beach for those who can afford it, but most of us would probably settle for buying an air conditioner for the house or apartment that they are living in to keep the heat away.

The video that we are featuring today comes from Technology Connections and is aimed at consumers who are thinking of purchasing portable AC units. The video actually suggests that buying a compact window unit is a much more sensible investment. You can describe the air conditioner as a mechanical device that cools down the air and then blows it into the room. Each air conditioning unit features a compressor, the condenser, and a thermal expansion valve apart from other items.

We won’t be going into too much of the details here as we believe that the video by Technology Connections does justice to the topic. Just know that with ACs, there is a hot side, a cool side, and a middle area where the compressor works. When you are talking about a window unit, the hot side is installed outside of the room, and the cool side is kept inside the room.

The video will do the rest of the explaining while telling you why it is not a great idea to buy portable AC units for beating the heat and why investing in the conventional AC is actually a good idea. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!

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