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This Is Why We Need Super Fast Elevators

Have you ever wondered why fast elevators exist and how do they operate? If you have, then you are in luck because Half As Interesting, a famous YouTube channel, is here to explain how these wonderful feats of engineering work.

When you construct a tall building, say a skyscraper; it is of utmost importance to have elevators that are able to transport you from any floor to the desired floor in the shortest possible time. Why is this so important? Would you be interested in purchasing any space in a building if you cannot get back and forth from it quickly? The chances are that you will not buy any such property and that is why fast elevators or rather the fastest elevators exist!

The taller a building is, the higher the elevator capacity you will require. However, the elevator takes space, and every time you add a floor, you are basically removing the floor space for the sake of the elevator. That is why the super-tall buildings rely on a different technique of elevators. When you take an elevator in a skyscraper, it is almost like taking the subway to reach your destination.

Only a few elevators actually go up to the top. The rest have been programmed to cater to the floors in between. This means that the express elevators that are used for going to the top of the building are much faster than your standard elevators since there are almost no stops in between. Kind of like the subway, right?

So, how does this all work? What are the nifty details of this approach? Ah, well, we cannot tell you all the details here and bore you, right? What follows is a video by Half as Interesting that will explain this concept to you in detail. Do let us know what you think of this amazing video by Half as Interesting and be sure to share it with your friends!