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This Is What You Get When You Put LEGO In A Blender

lego in a blender

Most of us are a fan of destruction videos like those made by YouTube channels Hydraulic Press Channel and What’s Inside. Recently another channel, King of Random, stepped into the same genre when they put a bag of LEGO in the blender. The team used a Blendtec instead of putting a regular smoothie maker to work. They also used liquid nitrogen to cool down the bricks before the blending started.

Cooling the LEGO makes them very brittle and gets them blended into magnificent colored sand. Before the bricks heat up again, they have turned into a powder already. The team of the channel took the powdered LEGO and tried to build a new one by putting it in the kitchen pan and heating it in a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven. The results were amazing. This channel is a perfect place for those who look for exciting and nerdy content online. You can find nearly everything from recycling trash to solving cell phone reception problems.

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