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This Is What The Rio Olympics Look Like From The Outer Space

Rio Space photos

After a brilliant and vibrant opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics, the Games have officially started. The viewers will not only enjoy the greatest show of sports on the planet but will also be able to get a glimpse of the exciting and historic city of Rio de Janeiro in the coming two weeks. It took Brazil four years to transform the location for the sports events into a place worthy of the Olympics.


Credits: Digital Globe

DigitalGlobe is a firm that takes high-res images of the Earth. The company satellite captured the pictures of the Olympics 2016 venue from a height of about 600 km above the Earth.


Credits: Digital Globe

The gifs show the development of Whitewater Stadium and the Corinthians Arena during the past couple of years as the locations were being prepared for the Olympics ’16.

Do you like the transformation of the landscape?