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This Is What Happens Inside Your Body After You Drink Soda

what happens when you drink soda2

Spoiler; yes it is quite harmful for your body and yes it causes obesity. But, what is different about sodas that health professionals are so bent on having them out of our lives? They can’t be any worse than the candy we used to eat in childhood with all the sugar in between and the other sugary stuff we have these days? Well, that is where the ignorance about these drinks lies. Yes, the soda drinks taste like sugar and we feel immediately energized and in a better mood but we don’t realize is that the sugar in soda cans and bottles is not the same sugar that the body can digest readily. What the body easily understands is normal sugar as it can readily use it in the blood stream.

Now when we consume Fructose instead of sugar, the body is not that comfortable with this different kind of sugar and cannot use it like sugar and it ends us in the liver broken down into glucose just like alcohol. So, soda drinks cause a similar damaging effect to the liver like that experienced with Alcohol but with no side-effects so it is basically like booze without the cruise (pun intended). As a result of this breaking down, a lot of bad body fats are produced by the body consuming a lot of water to make it happen, eventually dehydrating us and making us thirsty as well. This is kinda insane for many people as they have just drunk liquid containing mostly water and they are getting dehydrated as a result? Well, it is true since the amount of water we intake is less than the amount needed to digest the fructose. So, it is a simple arithmetic problem which can only result in one thing; dehydration!

Now soda companies realize that making their sales happen is all about the taste and they have improved it over the years. Their whole marketing strategy involves skinny figures having a good time with cokes and pepsis in their hands when a majority of their consumers are quite obese especially in North America. They try to tell us that the taste of these drinks far outstrips any minor harmful effects but you have to be clear about it; Soda drinks are quite harmful for your health and should only be consumed sparingly and occasionally. Many of us are also of the opinion that without soda, our energy levels will plunge but the truth is that we have become so used to whole fructose thing that we can’t function well without it.So, in the beginning, you have problems without soda but it is just like detoxing from a drugs problem. Once your system has got rid of it, you will find out that in reality, your energy levels will go up without soda and as for the caffeine, there are other ways of consuming it and much healthier options too. So, if you want better levels of productivity and energy in your life, you must keep your soda consumption at a bare minimum!

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