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This Is What Happens Incase Of A Fire Or Flooding On A Nuclear Submarine

Indepth review on the fascinating USS Toledo arctic submarine

SmarterEveryDay Youtube channel brought a great video when the guy jumped deep down and showed the USS Toledo in the Arctic. It included all of the unseen parts of the Toledo, which made the insight video special.

This time around, the guy returns with full mesmerizing footage of the whole process while getting more insights on the formerly secretive Toledo.

Engineers have built some amazing ways to control the situation if some unforeseen circumstances take place while underwater. The video encompasses around showing the complex engineering that keeps the team safe and alive while onboard.

The video puts light on the safety mechanisms that fight accidental fires and flooding in the Arctic Submarine. Even thinking of such complex engineering could get many people’s mind blown, but this guy’s unique skill in making it simple made it a lot easier to understand.

Watch the video below to get a complete insight into the command structure’s working, torpedo tubes, and other fascinating feats of engineering on the USS Toledo. It will give you chills knowing that this all happens under several feet of ice, deep down in the arctic.

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