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This Is The World’s Most Inconvenient Convenience Store – And It Is Perched At The Side Of A Cliff

Tucked away in the Shiniuzhai Scenic Area in China’s Hunan Province lies an extraordinary convenience store that defies all expectations. Hanging precariously on the side of a sheer vertical cliff, this is unquestionably the world’s most inconvenient convenience store. The small wooden hut is perched an astonishing 120 meters above the ground.

Originally serving as a resting point for rock climbers midway through their ascent, this peculiar wooden structure has been transformed into a convenience store like no other. Its unique location adjacent to a via ferrata—a protected climbing route—makes it a prime spot for adventure seekers to grab a quick bite or refreshment. Visitors can navigate the iron handrails, horizontal ladders, and fixed cables to reach the cliffside shop.

For the daring souls who make it to this extreme convenience store, they can fill their refillable water containers with free water, allowing them to hydrate before or after their intense climb. In addition to water, the store offers a selection of mooncakes, sodas, and juices for purchase, providing a much-needed energy boost for the journey ahead.

The hanging convenience store has been open for several years, but it wasn’t until lately that videos of this amazing architectural and practical achievement began to circulate on social media. During the busy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, it mostly serves tourists, giving them a chance to relax and recharge in the midst of their strenuous ascent.

Due to the store’s constrained space, only one customer can be served at a time. Employees use a rope system to securely move supplies from the ground to the hanging store when it’s time to replenish the stock. For those seeking both excitement and refreshment in the center of nature’s breathtaking vertical realm, this out-of-the-ordinary retail experience offers a special blend of convenience and adventure.

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