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This Is The World’s Longest Straight Road And It Goes For 149 Miles Without A Single Bend

Speeding through a vast desert landscape for over two hours without a single turn sounds straight out of a science fiction movie. But in Saudi Arabia, this futuristic vision is a reality on Highway 10, the undisputed champion holding the title of the world’s longest straight road.

A road that spans an incredible 149 miles (240 kilometers), piercing through the desolate Rub-al-Khali desert; this is known as the Empty Quarter. Initially constructed for King Fahd, it now serves as a lifeline route— transporting goods across the barren expanse of the nation. Although Highway 10 runs a colossal length of 916 miles (1,474 kilometers) in total, this particular segment holds the Guinness World Record not for its size but for its unbroken linearity.

Picture yourself driving down this road for hours on end. Nothing but endless desert vistas surrounding you with each passing mile under the harsh scrutiny of the unforgiving sun. The landscape does little to break the monotony; flat and featureless save for distant dune waves heralding some semblance of relief. While such lack of twists may serve well in enhancing one’s travel pace (a trucker’s dream, perhaps), it also contributes significantly towards Highway 10 earning itself another title— “the most boring road in the world.”

With its 91.1-mile straight stretch, Australia’s Eyre Highway had previously held the record, but this technical marvel overthrew it. Still, the Eyre Highway is the best straight road in Australia.

But there are some who find a peculiar charm in Highway 10’s vastness and monotony. It’s an opportunity to see a landscape that has mostly remained unaltered by human activity, serving as a sobering reminder of the untainted force of nature. It can be strangely calming to be in complete quiet, with only the odd wind from the desert and the hum of your motor to break the spell.

Highway 10 presents difficulties for anyone looking for a more conventional driving experience, nevertheless. The unrelenting heat and light can be merciless, and it’s simple to become disoriented due to the absence of markers. It is important to keep yourself well-hydrated and stocked, and to monitor your fuel gauge carefully because there aren’t many gas stations along this isolated stretch.

Therefore, if you’re seeking for a driving experience that’s unmatched and you don’t mind becoming bored, a trip down Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia can be exactly what you’re looking for. Just keep in mind to bring along lots of munchies, turn up the music, and be ready for the special difficulties that come with traveling through this incredible work of engineering in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

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