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This Is The World’s First Water-Landing Fixed-Wing Drone

Aeromao Introduces The World's First Water-Landing Fixed-Wing Drone

Introducing VT-Naut, a groundbreaking Vertical Takeoff and Short Landing (VTOSL) fixed-wing drone developed by Aeromao, based in Ontario. This cutting-edge aerial solution seamlessly integrates the performance of fixed-wing aircraft with the versatility of vertical takeoff capabilities, catering to diverse applications such as high-precision mapping and agriculture.

Aeromao’s VT-Naut stands out with its streamlined aerodynamic design, eliminating tilt mechanisms and extra booms, contributing to enhanced efficiency and reliability. The company emphasizes the avoidance of unnecessary weight, marking a departure from conventional vertical landing fixed-wing (VTOL) drones that often incur higher costs and mechanical complexities.

Drawing from over two decades of experience in mapping vast terrains across seven countries, Aeromao asserts that, in over 85 percent of cases, there’s sufficient space for a fixed-wing UAV to execute a cost-effective belly landing. The VT-Naut adopts an uncluttered tail-sitter design, prioritizing efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Weighing a mere 3,700 grams and standing at 2 meters, the VT-Naut is a lightweight yet rugged system designed for challenging fieldwork. With Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capabilities and an impressive 30km data link range, the drone boasts up to 90 minutes of endurance.

Aeromao underscores the VT-Naut’s durability, attributing it to the use of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) materials, allowing the drone to recover its original shape after impact, preventing bending or cracking. Building on the success of the Aeromapper Talon Amphibious drone, the VT-Naut introduces an amphibian version, enabling secure landings on water, including saltwater bodies. Its design leverages robust winds during landing, shortening the duration and making it particularly suitable for marine applications.

The VT-Naut addresses the rising global demand for marine shipboard operations, offering a distinctive advantage with its water-landing capabilities. Payload options include high-resolution mapping with a GNSS PPk module, long-range surveillance with HD video, and multispectral sensors. The drone supports multipayload configurations, providing up to 61 MP for high-resolution mapping.

With a starting price of $11,120 for the amphibious version and $8,135 for the standard model, the VT-Naut emerges as a top choice for Long-Range, Long-Endurance Fixed-Wing UAVs in marine applications.

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