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This Is The Most Hard Working Country In The World


Source: Irlen Institute

The number of hours you work every week varies accordingly with the kind of job you have. For a personal business owner, you could be working as many as 60 hours a week, but if you are working a 9-5 job, you are most likely working 40 hours a week. A lot of us complain about the long hours we work and sometimes even those are unpaid. While you may have it bad, some people have it way worse than you.

Average annual hours worked is the total number of hours worked divided by the number of people in the workforce a year. Eurostat recently published some statistics showing what countries in Europe have the best work and life balance. While Swedish people showed the longest work hours, at an average of 41.2 hours a week, Italy stayed the lowest with an average of 30.7 hours in the year 2015.


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Working around 42 hours equals 2184 hours a year, that is not considering any holidays at all. Considering Sweden is one of the top 10 happiest countries in the world, this does not sound bad at all. People in many other places are just not as fortunate as most of the Europeans. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published data showing the annual number of hours worked by an average worker in the year 2015, and it speaks differently.

OECD Chart: Hours worked, Total, Hours/Worker, Annual, 2015

The most common stereotype says that all Mexicans are drug dealers or gangsters but according to the OECD data, the Mexicans are in fact, the most hardworking people in the world while apparently, the Germans are the laziest. That again would be a stereotype but that is what the data says, and if you noticed, the United States is far far behind Mexico in its working hours, and the list does not even include either China or some third world country. We can be sure some of those work even longer hours.

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