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This Is The Longest Straight Line In The Ocean That You Can Sail Without Touching Any Land

What is the longest straight line that you can sail without touching land? The question sounds simple, but the answer can actually be quite complicated. That is where RealLifeLore comes in a surprising answer to this intricate question.

Alright, so, RealLifeLore attempts to answer the question that we mentioned above as well; what is the longest straight line that you can sail without coming into contact with land. However, the YouTube user was quick to point out an obvious flaw in the question; the Earth is a globe, and therefore, the actual question should have been about the longest arc that you can sail without touching land.

Most of you might think that the answer would be something boring like from Australia to South America. However, the actual answer to this question turns out to be quite exciting and actually very complicated as RealLifeLore finds out. The longest line that you can sail without touching land is a line that lies across an arc of the great circles. For those of you who are not aware; the great circles are the long circles that run all across the Earth.

However, here is the catch; there not just a few great circles. In fact, there are more than 230 billion possible great circles that loop the Earth. As you can imagine, it is next to impossible to go through all of the great circles to determine the longest sailing arc that doesn’t touch land. However, two researchers were smart enough to come up with a computer model that analyzed the data for them thus making the process a bit simpler.

You will have to check out the video below to find out the longest arc or straight line because we will not be telling you what it is since RealLifeLore has put in a lot of effort into this video. Do let us know what you think of the video, though!