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This Is How You Handle A Lithium-ion Battery Fire In An Electric Vehicle

Electric cars on the rise thanks to their many benefits. Not only do they help in keeping the environment safe by reducing emissions, but they are also far less noisy and quite economical. That’s not where the list of benefits end; electric vehicles are also fast enough to take on the famous conventional car brands in drag races. However, they feature enormous battery packs that can become the reason for strong fires if they are punctured.

Firefighters all over the world have to be prepared for this because this is new and would soon become a regular occurrence as the electric cars become more and more common. So what do you do when an electric vehicle catches fire? An amazing video from Brock Archer shows the considerations that you must weigh in when handling fire caused by hybrid or electric vehicle. The video also explains tactics that are effective.

While the most obvious way of extinguishing an electric fire that was caused by a punctured lithium-ion batter is by throwing water on it, many response teams would typically make use of dry chemicals or foam for taking out the fire. The thing is that this approach won’t work with the EVs. The best way to take out such fires is by using the old-fashioned way of throwing water. You can see in the video that a constant stream of water directed at the battery is the most optimal way of cooling down and ultimately extinguishing the fire.

Whether you are dealing with a fire in your vehicle or helping someone else out, do not try to open the battery or touch any of the parts that have high voltage. These areas are the most likely recipient of heat and cause severe injury to you. Electric vehicle owners, nay, all drivers must carry an up to date high-volume fire extinguisher with them.

Check out the video below and do let us know what you think of it!

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