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This Is How You Can Stabilize Wood Using A Vacuum

wood turning and stabilizing using vaccum

The YouTube channel Black Beard Projects creates some of the unique DIY projects for the world. In this video, the host of the channel has discussed wood stabilization. The process is viral among woodturners who are passionate about the potential of every piece of wood. Ken Northern, the woodturner, said in a blog post, “Ever find a beautiful piece of wood that is just too soft or punky to turn? In the past, these would have been looked at longingly thinking wow what a waste, and then ended up in the trash can. Not anymore.”

The process shown in the video teaches the viewers how they can take the pieces of wood, otherwise deemed trash-worthy, and stabilize them so that they can be turned.

He further added, “Stabilization is the process you can use to turn these into workable pieces. There are products available to stabilize on your own at home easily. Dyes are also available to add color to these stabilized pieces,
and some are even adding Scents to the process.” 
The video shows how you can perform the process yourself. Wood stabilizing needs injecting resin in wood by evacuating all the air present inside. There is a complete list of ingredients and step by step instructions in the video which can show you how to create your vacuum and carry out the process.

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