This Is How Ford Protects It’s Latest Designs From Spying Photographers

Ford has a zero tolerance policy towards spy photographers that might be lurking around to get a photo of their latest product designs and has come up with an amazing way of tackling this pestering.

The company has recently shed some light on its advanced camouflage technology that is employed for keeping the unreleased designs safe from prying eyes and cameras. The process involves covering the prototypes in vinyl stickers thus creating optical illusions.

The team not only uses stickers for imparting illusions but also for varying the shape of the original design. They incorporate faux body panels in the mix and increase length or height, thus concealing the actual dimensions of the design.

During the testing phase of a prototype, it has to be taken out on the street before the company reveals the design. In order to protect the privacy and secrecy, Ford’s established methods are cost effective while being effective.

Dave Fish, Senior Vice President, Expert Services in MaritzCX that is responsible for carrying out the New Vehicle Customer Study said, “While design is the fourth most important reason for purchase in the industry overall, it’s number two only behind fuel economy for Ford. It’s not surprising Ford goes to extraordinary lengths to try to keep the wraps on its designs as long as possible.”

John LaQue, Ford Section Supervisor, Prototype Planning and Build said, “The work we’re doing is crucial to Ford staying competitive in a constantly evolving industry. When we make it to a reveal without a photo surfacing of a non-camouflaged car, we have all done our jobs.”