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This Is How Dining Out Will Look Like In Future

Interactive Restaurant Technology

How would you feel if you walked into a restaurant and instead of looking at the conventional menus and giving the order to a waiter, you had the Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT) at your disposal? Confused as to what this technology does? For starters, it will replace human waiters and the traditional menus with multi-touch tables.

The IRT has been designed by Kodisoft, a Ukrainian Technology firm, and it allows the users to begin by selecting menu language followed by browsing through photos and detailed information regarding all the entrees, drinks and other edibles. Once the user decides, they simply request it via the waterproof touchscreen display and the order is relayed to the kitchen. There are certain approaches as to how the food gets delivered through; human waiter, robotic waiter or there is one company that tried experimenting with drones as well.

The users can pass time by playing games, reading news or chatting with diners that are on other tables. The company has also the option for the integration of screens on the walls or other surfaces where advertisements of special menus items or drinks can be carried out. There are other interactive restaurant systems as well, however, this particular one doesn’t get projected onto the top and embodies the entire surface of the table. The backlit LED display allows user to do more than just placing their order.

IRT has been employed at two restaurants so far; Oshi in Cyprus and Ebony in Dubai. A third restaurant is to be opened in November but the location remains a secret.

Although, we prefer it the old school way, the interaction with the waiter can be a life saver, don’t you agree? Check out the youtube video for more.

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