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This House Has Been Constructed In Only 12 Hours Using 3D Printing

There is no doubt about 3D-printed construction making it big time, thus making it a case of when instead of if! Cheap 3D Printer has become an essential commodity in every lab now. The latest significant development in this regard comes from S-Squared 3D Printers (SQ3D) that 3D printed a basic prototype home within approximately 12 hours.

The structure is unnamed and measures in at 500 square feet. It was built by utilizing the same method as other 3D-printed projects that have been covered by Wonderful Engineering – using a nozzle to extrude a cement mixture in layers for creating a house shape. However, the printer used in this project did feature some refinements as opposed to the standard 3D printers. SQ3D does the construction work under the name SQ4D and sells 3D printers for hobbyists, prototyping, and educational uses. Learn More About The Best 3D Printers for Beginners in The Market Right Now

SQ3D says, ‘Our machine is a simple gantry style Cartesian printer, but we have patented features that separate us from the pack. We are using a rotating (tangential) nozzle with a rectangle output to extrude a controlled ribbon, among a few other functions that we are experimenting with.’ The project was carried out outside SQ3D’s facility that is located in Long Island, New York. It was carried out in different stages, thus allowing SQ3D not only to test its equipment but also its technique. After the machinery had completed its work, human laborers completed the roof and windows.

SQ3D said, ‘The openings were printed, with planned pauses for a laborer to insert the ledger plates for the window and door headers – it’s a 2-minute job. Once the plate is inserted and leveled off, press play. We intend on facilitating other tradesmen to install plumbing fixtures, electricity, and other utilities post-print. We can customize the internal structure of both interior and exterior walls not only for strength and structure but also where and how utilities will be installed; predetermined conduit, HVAC bays, etc.’

This 3D printed house was created by SQ3D as a test and was demolished soon after its completion. The firm will be 3D printing another house that will be bigger and intended for occupation. What do you think of this amazing way of building houses?

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