Wonderful Engineering

This Hotel In South Korea Will Make You Wonder How Such A Huge Ship Ended On Top Of A Cliff

Welcome to the Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht – a hotel resort located in Jeongdongjin on the east coast of South Korea. The resort has been designed in the shape of a cruise ship and sports a length of 165 meters with a height of 45 meters. It overlooks the beach resort and is considered to be the first of its kind in the world.

It has been built at the top of a big cliff with the hotel looking out over the sea and imparting an impression of as if a cruise ship has run aground. The town of Jeongdongjin is famous for its views of the sunrise and sunset over the Sea of Japan (East Sea) and is a busy tourist destination. The construction of the hotel has made it even more famous, thanks to the unusual design of the hotel and made it a popular attraction in the country.

The hotel features 211 rooms that include apartments, bedrooms and six function rooms. A total of 6 restaurants are serving Korean and European food along with a rotating bar located on the top floor, thus providing visitors with a panoramic view of the famed sunrises and horizon. The sporting facilities being offered include a volleyball court, netted golf range and a fitness club. The cruise ship theme has been further enhanced by the sound of crashing waves being played on speakers in the hotel and use of salt water in swimming pool.

Once you enter the Sun Cruise Hotel, you will find all sorts of extravagant, nautical decorations that you can hope to find on any conventional cruise ship. However, since there are no fuel costs and the crew is small, the Sun Cruise Hotel is quite economical when compared to cruise ships.

The resort also features a park that is located right next to the hotel. The landscaped gardens feature the ‘The Hands of Promise’ – two giant hands that stem from the ground – along with a myriad of other sculptures. The hotel also features an observation area with a glass floor that is suspended above the sea, an exhibition hall and a lake.

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