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This Engineer’s Unusual Proposal Made Her Say Yes

We all are aware of how the important event of proposing someone for marriage can be such a difficult task. Every now and then, we find some new video on YouTube that demonstrates a creative way of proposing to your loved one. However, this one man decided to use his skills and came up with the best proposal ever. What he did was spectacularly amazing and the result was what anyone at that time hopes for! Check this out and be amazed!

This is the basic design for the ring box.

By making use of the designs in collaboration with his woodworking skills, he shaped and then cut the box all by himself.

He then made use of a peculiar saw to carry out the cutting of gears that will eventually rotate in order to reveal the ring in the box.

To make the gears rotate he came up with a unique key that his girlfriend would use for revealing the ring contained inside the box.

Components of the box were cut, sanded and then stained in order to give it the well-worn look, after which he installed the intricate machinery inside the box.

How it works? You open the box and multiple compartments are visible along with the special key in plain sight.

Once the compartment sections are taken out, the machinery and gears are shown on the lower level. This keyhole has been created so that only the special key will be able to turn the gears on.

Upon turning the key, all of the machinery will spring to life and the box will start opening slowly.

Here comes the engagement ring!

How romantic and unique the idea is!

The box can be used for keeping jewelry afterwards.

And, the girl said yes, in case you’re wondering!