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This Engineer Guy Pulled Off The Coolest Snow Prank Ever To Annoy His Roommate

How would you feel if you returned from your vacation and found your car hidden inside a giant igloo? Reddit user Leparr came up with a horribly wicked idea when his roommates left on a cruise for vacation. He used buckets for a brick mold and created an igloo around all sides of his roommate’s car making it impossible to be moved. Check out the photos below and thank God that he isn’t your roommate.

Prankster used plastic buckets as molds to create igloo blocks.

The poor car before the igloo construction began.

The buckets were filled with snow

Followed by them being stacked upon one another

Fort construction around the car starts!

You can very well ascertain how much of a stress it’s going to be for the car owner.

The front and back walls were completed first!

Half buckets were used to create smaller bricks for corners!

The project took longer than a day but our prankster was committed to the cause!

The finished Project!

Can you spot the car from the side view?

What would you do if your roommate did this?

On the bright side; the driveway was shoveled!