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This Eerie Ghost House In Sussex Has Been Under Construction For 31 Years

Property baron Nicholas Van Hoogstraten began this ambitious project in Sussex, United Kingdom back in the 1980s and he would have never thought the building would have remained under construction for more than three decades. The sprawling site now commonly referred to as the Ghost House of Sussex was named the Hamilton Palace and was designed with a complete mausoleum and an art gallery featuring the vast collection of the billionaire. Hoogstraten was by no means a clean businessman as he was known to hire thugs to intimidate his rivals and was once called by a judge “self-imagined devil who thinks he is an emissary of Beelzebub.” It is unclear who owns the huge property now as the Hoogstraten left the country to continue with his business interests in Zimbabwe.

The building itself seems to have been designed by a top architect as it blends classical architecture and the local landscape into beautiful patterns. The main building is “under construction” since forever, but a smaller one close to a nearby stream has been finally completed. With the numerous housing problems being faced in the country, a completed mansion of this size could prove to be a great asset to the county. Other potential purposes include converting it into a university where international students could come, pay hefty tuition and be deported the next day of their graduation!

Here are some more pics of the seemingly haunted house:

If you had the power, what would you do with it? Surely it’s doing no good serving as an unwarranted ghost house!