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This Double Story RV By SAIC Maxus Even Features An Elevator

Towering Chinese smart RV features elevator to second-floor sun room

SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa is a unique RV built to cater to your dreams of endless wanderlust. It features a rare design that makes it considerably more spacious when you are all set to park it than on the road. That’s thanks to its pair of slide-out doors, which widen the first floor, while its pop-up glass-encased second story enhances the space substantially.

The second story comes equipped with a single-person elevator which takes it to the next level of comfort-ability. It is a complete home; credits go to its sharp design inside and out.

The new unique RV was first introduced in October of the last year and made a good first impression, considering its scalable design. It is the SAIC Maxus flagship RV model.

SAIC Maxus blends its standing-height pop-up second story rather neatly into a Class C alcove arrangement, using split-window walls that wrap in half under its large roof.

Its roof lifts high to open the upstairs into a spacious lounge with near-floor-to-ceiling glass walls rendering a high indoor structure from which to connect with nature. The glass is adjustable providing both, clear and opaque, allowing owners to set between greater privacy and crystal-clear views.

The exceptional upstairs space focuses on health and well-being. Its owners will be amazed to face the window with the serene views and strike a pose. The second-story room is equipped to serve as a dining area, tea room, and study … basically, a place to escape all worldly worries while enjoying the natural scenery. The fun part is that you could do all that wanderlust stuff without compromising the indoors’ warmth and comfort. The small, bright deck on the outside provides a nearby option for a breath of fresh air.

Double-story SAIC Maxus RV Key Features

The second story measures 12.4 sq m (133 sq ft); however, the lower portion is equipped with a larger 20-sq m (215-sq ft) floorspace credits to the unique dual sidewall expansions. This area is largely devoted to a roomy lounge and kitchen divided by a bar counter, endeavoring to look and feel a condo or apartment. The kitchen features a cooktop, oven, and sink, and the fridge is across the hall in a cabinet next to the entry door.

The living room is the most spacious and offers a wide leg space around an L-shaped sofa. It is set near the long side window giving a relaxing vibe while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful outside views. The new RV takes care of your entertainment needs, hence comes equipped with a transparent TV and a great sound system. It doesn’t end here; to make the owners have an experience like never before, it has a projection system mounted on its ceiling for endless entertainment while parked and on the go.

Maxus’ X-Connect RV smart system manages all integrated electronics and around the RV. Occupants can access the entertainment system using a wall-mounted touchscreen, mobile device, or compatible wearables. App, voice, and gesture control complete its advanced smart home environment designed for memorable trips.

SAIC Maxus Design Features

Coming back to the exterior, the Villa Edition’s lively graphics package befits the top-of-the-line motorhome. Bright gold trim outlines the several shades of blue on the broadsides, while sharp LED lighting and illuminated “Maxus” badges throughout lighten things up. The design theme even extends upward onto the pop-up windows, adding a little extra aesthetics when the motorhome is parked with its top raised.

SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa edition is an exceptional high-end RV with a lot of customizable options. It came at the whopping US $413,000 per its debut price last year, making a fair deal given its high-end features and spacious indoor home, making your spent time worth a while.

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