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This ‘Digital Film Roll’ Is Bringing Analog Cameras Out Of Retirement

"Digital Film Roll" Brings Analog Cameras Out Of Retirement

Picture this: the romance of old-school film photography meeting the ease of the digital era. In 2018, Italy’s Samuel Mello Medeiros kickstarted this incredible journey with a digital back for classic film cameras. In 2020, they pushed the boundaries further. Now, they’ve returned with an irresistible proposition: the “I’m Back Film,” a high-quality digital film roll. This isn’t just another gadget; it’s a time machine for vintage cameras, injecting them with a vibrant digital life.

The I’m Back Film project is all about marrying the irresistible allure of film photography with the practicality of digital technology. It takes the shape of a traditional film roll, but there’s a captivating twist – it houses a 20-megapixel Four Thirds CMOS sensor from Sony instead of the conventional film, reviving and renewing classic cameras.

One of the standout features of this innovative sensor is its 12-bit digital output capacity, allowing it to efficiently process signals from its impressive 21.27 million effective pixels at a blazing speed of 27.27 frames per second in still picture mode. It’s like a time-traveling enhancement for your beloved vintage camera.

The Four Thirds sensor may be smaller than a full-frame, but the I’m Back Film team covers you. They’ve equipped the sensor with a simple wide-angle adapter that attaches to the camera’s lens, opening the door to the full-frame experience you desire. It’s a beautiful blend of vintage charm and modern capabilities.

While there’s still a base unit that your camera needs to attach via the tripod mount, this version of the I’m Back Film is sleeker and more streamlined than its predecessors. It features a 1.5-inch LCD panel, a microphone, a speaker, an onboard battery, Wi-Fi for effortless wireless file transfer to your mobile device, and a dedicated companion app. The digital images you capture, whether in RAW or JPEG format, find a comfortable home on SD card media.

The project is currently in the working prototype phase, and it’s reached out to Kickstarter to take it from concept to reality. Early supporters can grab their piece of nostalgia reimagined, with perks starting at CHF 639 (~US$710). With the campaign already funded, the team plans to begin shipping in July 2024.

The I’m Back Film isn’t just a product; it’s a time-traveling adventure, a chance to breathe new life into vintage cameras, and an opportunity to capture the essence of bygone eras with modern convenience.

Source: I’m Back

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