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This Cute Self Rolling Dice Lets You Play Monopoly Game Without Moving A Muscle

boogie dice

For many of us, playing games has been limited to digital games in our smartphones, laptops, consoles, tablets and watches. The tabletop games that were so real and interesting for us have been slowly cast aside by the likes of Clash of Clans and Flappy Bird. I often pity us modern humans to have forgotten the delight of rolling the dice and cheating on a good old tabletop games. Now even the shaking of a dice is under threat as this self-rolling dice makes enables you to play a board game without moving a muscle.

This bogey dice can be activated with the help of sound command and then it will self-roll to give you the lucky numbers. Although this is not the first attempt of making a self-rolling dice, it is much more neat and practical to use for board games. The other ones including Scosche’s Smart roll and Game Technologies’ Dice+ are Bluetooth enabled and normally meant for mobile platforms only.

Each dice is a 25-mm six sided gadget with a vibration motor, microphone, microprocessor, batteries and three LEDs for illuminations. With the help of its Android and iOS app, users can control the sound, vibrations, light settings and more of its functions. Since they are sound activated and battery powered, they don’t require any platform to launch. One charge can give us almost 30 minutes of continuous action or 500 rolls. This means several games if Backgammon and one or two of Ludo.

I think it is a device to take out all the fun from the board games. It has more features that include time-based rolls so that the clumsy person in every match who takes too long in each turn doesn’t need to roll the dice, and it automatically rolls it for you. The plus point is that even if their batteries are exhausted, they can be used as regular dice for a change. For me, I can’t wait to get rid of their annoying automatic rolling.

Apparently, people have liked this sort of thing as backers at Kickstarter have funded more than the target of 50,000 $ with over 31 days to go. It means that the Kickstarter campaign is successful. A pledge of just 22 $ will be enough to get your hands on the dice long with the charger. For board games fans, there is another option of 45$ which will include the latest version of Bots Battleground Card Game that uses the dice’s unique features.

If the manufacturing and logistics of the company go as planned, we could be seeing the bogey dice by courier in March 2016. Here is the Kickstarter video from the Boogie team.