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This Company Will Send You To The Moon, But Only After You Are Dead

Whatever choices we make, careers we opt, lives we live and ideas we hold dear; all human beings share the same fate: DEATH. Death is all around us, and no matter what you do and where you live, we all know that sooner or later we are going to meet this fate. Yet even after our death, we dispute over what should happen to our corpse. Some bury it, some burn it, while some don’t really care what kind of decomposition and disintegration their bodies go through after they die.

Now there is another “unique” option for humans beings to adopt, but it also vows to cost them a fortune.

Moon Express, is a private company which has announced to “deliver your ashes” to the moon using their own technology.

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The Cape Canaveral based company will start their regular flights using their technology called “robotic landers”.

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Each trip will take a total of two weeks, and the landers will be disposed since they won’t return to the Earth.

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The ashes of all the people who signed up for this “trip” will be taken by the rockets; with the moon as their final resting place.

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While it sounds fascinating, it is a given that this service will certainly not be cheap.

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Would you opt for this “one final ride” to the moon, or would you prefer going there while you are not turned into bits of burned carbon?

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