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This Company Is Donating 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hands To Ukrainian War Victims

Vispala, an Indian technology company, has donated a shipment of 3D-printed prosthetic hands designed by TU Delft for Ukrainian conflict victims. In October, 350 prosthetic hands were sent to Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, thanks to a donation from the American IT corporation Cisco.

According to Gerwin Smit (TU Delft), the designer of the prosthetic hand, there has been a shortage of prostheses in Ukraine for some time, but the quantity required has escalated dramatically due to the fighting. To meet the need, the country urgently requires assistance. “This is a very welcome contribution,” says Smit of the initiative.

The 100-dollar hand prosthesis was designed as part of a project financed by NWO’s Veni program. Approximately 80% of those in need of a prosthetic hand live in nations that lack the financial capacity to purchase one. This prosthesis solves that problem. Smit defines the prosthesis as a “stable, functional artificial hand that is light and easy to operate.” Because it is mostly 3D printed, the prosthesis is easy to create anywhere on the globe and far more economical. When the 100-dollar hand was finished, the social enterprise Vispala began production and delivered the prosthesis to market. Since 2021, hundreds of artificial hands have been made and commercialized under the brand name.

of artificial hands have been made and commercialized under the brand name.

With the help of the Movendi Foundation, Gerwin is hoping to raise further donations for another gift of prosthetic hands to Ukraine. He also plans to study the experiences of people in that country and India with the artificial hand to use the feedback to improve the prosthesis.

Vispala made the design suitable for manufacturing last year, and several hundred have been created and distributed around India since 2021.

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