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This Company Has An Amazing Way Of Making Camouflaged Helmets

Camouflage is an important part of military tactic and this latest way of imparting camouflage pattern to helmets has stirred quite a commotion. United States military is still making use of rather conventional fabric camouflage, however, we are hopeful that they would soon transition to this new and more advanced technique called hydrographics.

The process is also known as immersion printing and can be simply stated as ‘printing with water’. The process takes quite less time and different patterns can be used on various products made from different materials. The end result looks cool and HG Arts, a company that manufactures hydrographic printers has explained the process. Read on to see how this technique works and how ridiculously simple it is.

The process begins with a thin film created of polyvinyl alcohol that is printed with the camouflage pattern and is placed above a pool of water. After a minute, the film dissolves into a dye and at this moment, the helmets are dipped into the water. You can see how it looks like from underwater.

The dipping of helmet into the dye can be carried out using machines or hand.

However, if you’re doing it using hand then you’ll need to take care of the excess dye by splashing the helmet around.

If the process is carried out using machine, such as HG Arts’ machine, rows of helmets are lowered through the film into water.

And are then lifted back up again. No splashing around is required.

This is what the finished product looks like!

The helmets look quite amazing and once again; hydrographics can be used for varying patterns and works with all kinds of materials and products.