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This Company Gives Bonuses To People Who Run Two Miles A Day

Guangdong Dongpo Paper, a Chinese paper company, has garnered international attention for replacing its traditional year-end employee bonus program with a unique incentive centered around promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The company’s 100 employees are now rewarded based on their athletic performance, a departure from the conventional performance-based bonus system.

Under the new scheme, employees are eligible for a full monthly bonus if they engage in physical activity, such as running, and meet specific distance targets. For instance, running 50 km in a month earns the full bonus, while 40 km and 30 km translate to 60% and 30% of the bonus, respectively.

Enthusiastic runners who cover over 100 km in a month can receive a 30% bonus. The employees’ exercise is tracked through a mobile app that records various activities, including mountain hiking and speed walking, with each contributing to the total exercise required.

“My business can only endure if my employees are healthy,” said Dongpo Paper boss, Lin Zhiyong, said, adding that he spent the last three years encouraging his employees to enjoy sports and fitness.

Lin Zhiyong, the boss of Dongpo Paper, expressed the belief that the sustainability of his business depends on the health of his employees. Over the past three years, he has actively encouraged his workforce to embrace sports and fitness. The success of the program is underscored by Zhiyong’s assertion that all employees qualify for the full bonus, emphasizing his commitment to fostering a healthy workplace.

While the majority of Dongpo Paper employees reportedly welcome the new bonus structure, there are concerns raised by some individuals online. Critics argue that the policy might inadvertently discriminate against employees with health issues or those at risk of heart attacks, as it does not consider pre-existing conditions.

Additionally, there are apprehensions that the high bonus thresholds may pose health risks, with suggestions that employees might push themselves too hard, potentially damaging their knees in pursuit of financial rewards.

In conclusion, Dongpo Paper’s innovative approach to employee incentives has generated both praise and criticism. While the company aims to promote a healthier lifestyle among its staff, concerns linger regarding the potential impact on employees with health challenges and the risk of injuries associated with aggressive exercise goals.

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