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This Bluetooth Speaker Is Powered By A Burning Candle


If you are the romantic sort then this gadget is definitely for you. Anyone who has a bit of romantic side (and who doesn’t?) knows the importance of a candle light dinner and how heartwarming it can be. This is where we tell you about the Pelty Bluetooth Speaker that will bring candle to your table. It is basically a Bluetooth speaker that will draw power from the burning of the candle.Pelty Bluetooth Speaker

Yes, the Pelty Bluetooth Speaker relies on a thermo-electric generator included within it to harness power from the burning candle and shall play the music to soothe you and your partner. The peculiar name of the gadget comes from the Peltier Effect. You would be surprised to know that this gadget has no battery to store charge but rather works on direct power being harnessed from the burning candle.

The gadget is made from high quality glass and ceramic parts and is available for a price tag of $360. As of now, it has been launched as an Indiegogo campaign and you can get your hands on this gadget for $199. The basic version of the gadget will be available in black and white. The variety in colors, if you want it, will cost you a bit more.



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