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This Awesome Container House Has The Interior Of A 5 Star Hotel

In this section, we have introduced you to a variety of innovative recreational houses and portable homes. However, none of them had been made with good old shipping containers. Well, this is the first and considering the excellent display of innovation and craft displayed by the maker, you can try this with a worn-out container.

Container homes are part of the less fortunate neighbourhood populations sprawling up to several kilometres at times. They are good enough if you don’t require much space. But even then, you won’t be seeing one like this one designed by a Costa Rican firm. They have packed some amazing stuff in such small quarters!

Just look at the beautiful roof with the intricate woodwork. It seems like the top of a recreational site. It has enough space to accommodate guests for a party or dinner. It can be accessed by a ladder at the side of the container.

The container home is available for rental at a tourist location in the country. It can house up to four people in the relatively spacious interior. Each bunk bed like these has its window for a better view of the outside by each inhabitant.

The kitchen has been made with fine wooden closets and other crafty work. The doors are sliding ones, therefore taking lesser space. There is also dedicated space for a small fridge, a microwave oven and an adorable dining table that can host four people.

There is also a single bed that can be hidden into the wall when guests arrive or the space seems to be too less for you. The roof and other patterns protruding from the main containers can be folded down when there is no one in the house.

Here is the simple design of the house from the top. As you can see, very little space has been wasted.

More pictures of the interior.

Would be cool to live in it once for the fun of it, even if you can’t live in it permanently, huh?