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This Amazing Floating House Is Nothing Like A Boat Or A Home But Serves Both Purposes

Been dreaming of living on water but feel restrained by the classic shape that the traditional boats have to offer? If that’s the case then Floatwing is just the home for you. The floating home takes design cues from boats and modern homes. This particular floating home has been designed by a design company, Friday.

The size can be altered, among many other features. It is also self-sufficient when it comes to power owing to solar panels and sports a stove, wine cellar and a barbecue. The Floatwing can be moved around using twin outboard motors.

It can be adjusted so that it meets the needs of the residents. It kicks off at a width of 20 ft. and supports additions that allow it to reach a width of 33 ft. and even 60ft. 

What does it mean? It means that the Floatwing can be a studio or a three-bedroom home. Totally up to you! 

Once you step inside, it is all modern and spacious. 

The two outboard motors imply that the residents are capable of taking the home anywhere they want and be able to enjoy a new view every day.

An air-conditioning generator and a heat pump ensure that the home remains at optimal temperature despite the weather conditions.

It features huge windows and a terrace upstairs for optimal views.

Once you’re inside, it looks like any other home.

The house is powered by solar panels and once fully charged they are able to provide power to the house for a full seven days.

This means that you can float off, relax and yet be quite comfortable.

And this is how ladies and gentlemen you travel in style.