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This Amazing AR Demo Allows You To Shoot Magic From Your Hands

This Amazing AR Demo Allows You To Capture Magic With Your Hands

You may now begin blasting magical energy bolts from your fingers. Yes, you got that right!

This was made possible thanks to a new iPhone-based augmented reality experiment conducted by gaming fanatic and HoloForge Interactive CTO Olivier Goguel.

“Welcome to my ‘Let’s Be Wizards!’ experiment!” Goguel added a caption to his latest LinkedIn video.

In the 53-second video Goguel posted, which was also shared on Reddit, the developer appears to have pink power zipping between his fingers. Goguel manipulates a gorgeous energy ball that appears above his palm with beams moving as if attached to his fingers. When he tosses the pink magic ball against the wall, it breaks on the opposite side of the room.

“Thanks to depth sensors and vision-based machine learning, we can create in real-time a digital twin of the hand and its surroundings to generate a 3D environment where virtual, and real objects interact seamlessly,” Goguel wrote in his LinkedIn post.

Furthermore, Goguel’s post received a great response from netizens. Some even expressed appreciation for the demo, which is available for download on Github.

“Wow! Amazing! 3D hand tracking spatial understanding made this experience nearly realistic, especially Real-time 3D hand tracking lighting on Hand. Thanks for sharing the package,” one user commented on the post.

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